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Our goal has always been to provide riders with the gear they need to push themselves to the limit. Our custom graphics were a way to let riders personalize their gear, and our quality materials ensured that they would be able to use it for years to come. Unfortunately, trends changed, and we had to shut down.

Now, in 2024, we're back, and we're bringing the same spirit that made us who we are. We may not be building boards anymore, but we're still dedicated to creating products that riders will love. Our new apparel line is the perfect way to show your support. We'll get back to where we were! 

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BC Longboards was founded by Brandon Bryant and Marshall Cooper in 2007. What started in a garage soon grew into a large warehouse. They manufactured 20/40 boards per day and offered free custom graphics. Anything you could dream of, they could put on a longboard. Their passion for longboarding led them to become the 11th best freeride company in the nation in 2011, Voted by Concrete Magazine. 


BClongboards - Longboarding for peace - Moore Tornado Disaster Relief. 

In 2007, in a humble garage in a sleepy Oklahoma town, two lifelong friends, Brandon Bryant and Marshall Cooper, embarked on an adventure that would define a decade. With a shared passion for skateboarding and a knack for innovation and design, they started crafting longboards, merging art and functionality in each piece. Their journey began modestly, selling a few boards on eBay, but their dedication to quality and unique designs soon caught the eyes of the skateboarding community.


By 2011, their brand, BC Longboards, had gained significant momentum. Their dedication to researching and manufacturing top-notch skateboards paid off, as they were voted among the nation's top 10 for freeride style boards. BC Longboards became synonymous with excellence and innovation in the skateboarding world.


However, as the winds of time shifted, so did the trends. Skateboarding, once at the pinnacle of youth culture, began to wane in popularity. Despite their success, Bryant and Cooper faced the hard truth that their dream was fading. In late 2013, with heavy hearts, they announced the closure of BC Longboards. The skateboarding community mourned the loss of a brand that had become a beacon of quality and creativity.


But the story of BC Longboards was not over. Brandon and Marshall, resilient and ever-passionate, knew that their journey with BC was far from finished. They envisioned a revival, not by immediately returning to board manufacturing, but by reinventing their brand. They focused on building a parallel design concept that would encompass a broader lifestyle approach while maintaining the premium quality that BC had always been known for.


As they embarked on this new chapter, their message to the world was clear: "Help us bring BC back from the dead. Let’s Thrive!" Their call to action was not just about reviving a brand, but about reigniting a community, a culture, and a shared passion for excellence.


Brandon and Marshall's story is a testament to perseverance, innovation, and the enduring spirit of skateboarding culture. BC Longboards, once a beacon in the world of skateboarding, was poised to rise again, this time embracing a wider horizon, ready to thrive in a new era.

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